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Carbonland DAO is designed to rapidly scale the protection and conservation of biodiverse forest land for generations of people to enjoy nature and clean air.

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Nature Preserve Timeshare

Buy Carbonland DAO Governance Tokens (CDAO) to take part in and join the forest conservation effort. CDAO Holders can reserve access to Carbonland DAO nature preserves, knowing they help to preserve it.




DAO Kickoff

Protect nature and become part of our nature preserving DAO by acquiring governance tokens CDAO. The proceeds from sales of CDAO is used to obtain forest land which will be owned Carbonland DAO and used by its Members.

CDAO Utility

With governance tokens you are able to participate in decisions about conservation efforts. You can vote on where forest land is purchased, what kind of improvements and amenities are added to lands, and by voting and participating in the community you can earn rewards.

DAO Development

Carbonland DAO managers will maintain conservation efforts of forest land to generate Carbon Removal Credits (CRC). Carbon Removal Credits will be sold on the voluntary carbon markets and proceeds used to buy more forest land for DAO, land improvements, and fund legal and operational costs.

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