ECOTourism Forest Conservation

Spend time in protected forest lands that you have help conserve. Our governance tokens are used to raise funds to buy and protect forest land that our token holders can burn to win unique outdoor adventures at our nature preserves.

Nature Preserve Timeshare

The Purpose of CarbonlandDAO is conserving forest land which will be owned by CarbonlandDAO and accessable to our governace token holders. Conservation efforts are maintained by generating Carbon Removal Credits.

Spend time in nature and become part of our ESG DAO by acquiring governance tokens which protect and conserve forest land for eco-tourism and climate action.

Use your CarbonlandDAO governance token to enter to win a adventurous expedition in our ESG DAO that creates nature preserves. Or trade a certain amount for timeshare access.

Carbon Removal Credits generated from our nature preserves will provide sustainable funding to be used to acquire more land and improve conservation projects.

To Create New, Old Growth Forests

Distributed Conservation Fund

Purchasing CarbonlandDAO governance token you help enable acquisitions of forestlands, and are able to participate in decisions about where conservation efforts take place. Our ESG DAO is designed to protect and conserve millions of acres of forest land for future generations to enjoy.

Discovering a Better Way to Conserve

Carbon Removal Solutions
The Carbon Removal Credits our forest generate will constantly grow in value. The proceeds from these sales are utilized by CarbonlandDAO to buy and conserve more forest land. And into active management and improvement of conservation projects.

Shape the Future of Forests

Crowdsourced Nature Preservation

CarbonlandDAO is a community focused on crowdfunding in forest conservation using transparent blockchain and DLT technology. We offer outdoor recreational areas to our governance token holders so they have opportunity to spend time in nature.

Be part of CarbonlandDAO

With CarbonlandDAO everyone gets the chance to a voice in conservation efforts and share access to nature preserves. Collaboration is integral to our approach. We seek to create a ECOTourism Club of land conservers committed to a shared regenerative goal.

CarbonlandDAO Governace Tokens

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