Next Generations Nature Conservation

CarbonlandDAO is a nature preserving ECOTourism club designed to protect and conserve millions of acres of forest land for a carbon-neutral future.. A global community of outdoor enthusiasts that have come together to create regenerative nature preserves to fight deforestation and sequester CO2. 

Our Membership NFTs and Governance Tokens get you exclusive access to our nature preserves. And our Governance Token (CDAO) give you say on where we preserve nature, and chances to win all-inclusive trips to DAO owned properties.

At CarbonlandDAO we are creating New Old Growth Forest for Future Generations to be able to Enjoy Nature and breath clean air.

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What is CarbonlandDAO Governance Token CDAO?

CDAO is a distributed effort to conserve and protect as many acres of bio-diverse forest land as possible, as quickly as we can to fight deforestation, and capture CO2.

Distributions & Offering of CDAO

CarbonlandDAO governance tokens have an unlimited supply, but only minted and offered in batches. Batches are offered at a locked-in price and open for set time periods or until sold out. Batches are based on market price of CDAO and the properties in the opportunity pool.

What does CDAO do

Sales of CDAO is used to purchase forest land for CarbonlandDAO holdings. Forest lands owned and held by CarbonlandDAO are enrolled into perpetual conservation easements and managed to create bio-diverse old growth forests with lots of plant life for maximum CO2 sequestration. And recreational areas where people can spend time in nature.

Proceeds from the sale of CDAO

  • 80% goes to purchase forested land that is owned and held by CarbonlandDAO. The DAO maintains those properties to produce carbon removal credits, and provide outdoor recreational space.
  • 10% goes to properties improvements and conservation work done on the properties.
  • 10% goes to legal fees and operations costs of business to run and manage the DAO operations.

Forests owned by CarbonlandDAO are managed to create outdoor educational and recreational opportunities for CDAO holders. Our goal is to inspire generations of people to love, care for, and to protect trees and nature.

Forest lands owned by CarbonlandDAO are managed to produce carbon removal credits (CRC) that are sold on the voluntary carbon markets. Sales of carbon credits produced from DAO conserved forests are used to improve and increase the land holdings of CarbonlandDAO.

Proceeds from sale of CRC produced from land held by CarbonlandDAO

  • 30% goes to purchase new forestland to add to DAO holdings. This creates sustainable revenue and increases DAO land holding without having to raise money from the community.
  • 30% goes to improvements to current DAO land holdings. Improvements are things that make visitors stays more enjoyable.
  • 30% goes to pay for travel and lodging expenses related to recreational lotteries in which CDAO voters have chances to win unique once in a lifetime outdoor adventures.
  • 10% goes to legal fees and operations costs of the management of CarbonlandDAO.

This means that once proceeds from the sales of CDAO are used to purchase forest land, those forests generate sustainable revenue to protect and improve those properties, and also towards protecting more forest land held by CarbonlandDAO.

Over time each CDAO will represent more and more forest land conserved and protected over time. For example, lets say each CDAO right now represented 3 square feet of forest land, well because of the sustainable revenue from selling carbon removal credits each CDAO could grow to represent 6 square feet protected, then 9 square feet, and so on. CarbonlandDAO can keep purchasing more forest land without funds from CDAO sales because of CRC revenue. But CarbonlandDAO still releases CDAO when there is are conservation opportunities.

What you can do with CDAO

Holding CDAO gives you a voice in where forests are conserved and unique Ecotourism opportunities.

You can vote with your CDAO on where in the world you want CarbonlandDAO to purchase forest land to conserve and protect. CDAO holders can submit properties for CarbonlandDAO managers to review, and if properties meet criteria needed for the conservation easement, they would go up for public vote to use treasury funds to purchase. When voting on what properties to buy, or on the improvements to make to them, or on any other governance proposal you will maintain access to your CDAO and only need to sign a transaction to take a snapshot of your CDAO balance.

You can also use your CDAO to make reservations to stay on CarbonlandDAO nature preserves. Depending on different factors it may cost 50 CDAO to stay a night or maybe more or less. It will depend on accommodations available and property location.

When using CDAO to make a reservation you will be minted a Club Access Pass NFT with info about the Nature Preserve your visiting and date of stay. You will use to gain access when you visit, and the NFT will be a lasting souvenir of your trip and effort to help support forest conservation. When making a reservation to spend time at our Nature Preserves you are spending CDAO to have access for day trips or over night stays and will not get CDAO back.

You can also use CDAO to buy Club Membership NFTs that grant you guaranteed access to our Nature Preserves a certain amount of days a year. 7Days a Year Forever, 14Days a Year Forever, and 30Days a Year Forever. Club Membership NFTs are similar to a timeshare and give you access to network of Nature Preserves you can stay at.

You could book 3 days at one location and 4 days at another for example with a 7Days a Year Forever membership, and the next year maybe 2days propertyA, 3days propertyB, and 2days propertyC, and do something different the next year. Maybe even spend the whole time at your favorite Nature Preserve. When buying a Club Membership NFT you are spending CDAO for the NFT and will not get CDAO back.

You can deposit your CDAO in lottery pools where you can win passes to visit and stay nights at properties owned by CarbonlandDAO. And jackpots lotteries to win one of a kind all expenses paid vacations to spend time in the nature preserves. When depositing CDAO to into Lotteries you are spending CDAO for a lottery entry and will not get them back.

You can brag about your CDAO holdings since they are a token of honor, and represent real forest land that has been locked into perpetual conservation to create old growth forests for future generations. Your purchase of CDAO is part of the reason forests won’t go extinct.


QTR2 – 2022

We will launch our first offering of CarbonlandDAO governance tokens (CDAO) that will be used to vote on which properties to buy first, and then enroll that land into perpetual conservation to create nature preserves held by the DAO. Those properties will be MRV’ed and carbon removal credits sold form them.  

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CarbonlandDAO Membership NFTs will be made available for purchase. These NFTs will allow the holders to reserve access to stay at DAO nature preserves, and attend events the DAO hosts at them.

QTR3 2022

CarbonlandDAO will finish the carbon credit MRV process on properties acquired from the first CDAO offering. The sale of the carbon removal credits will create funding for conservation efforts and improvements to those properties, and funding to purchase more land.

CDAO and NFT holders will get to vote on ECOTourism improvements that are made, such as camping sites(tepees, aframes, yurts, etc), composting toilets, making trails, and other amenities. 30% of proceeds from carbon credit sales goes to improve the experiences offered on properties.   

QTR4 2022

CarbonlandDAO will organize a series of outdoor events and retreats as voted on by club members and CDAO holders.

Join our Outdoor Club and Conservation Effort

Our Discord is for outdoor enthusiasts, nature lovers, and adventure seekers, environmentalist, ecological scientist, and all are welcome. Our Discord is the place to get questions answered, meet others interested in forest conservation, and find out about what’s happening at CarbonlandDAO. 

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What will be the use of CarbonlandDAO Governance Tokens proceeds?

The proceeds, net of taxes, will be used to purchase and maintain properties held by the DAO, including, but not limited to…

  • Acquiring properties
  • Yearly taxes for properties
  • Other fees relating to conservation efforts
  • Other initiatives as approved by DAO voting

What rights will CarbonlandDAO Governance Tokens holders have?

  • Rights to propose properties to acquire
  • Rights to vote on proposed properties
  • Rights to vote on improvements made to properties
  • Rights to vote on types of events hosted on properties
  • Rights to use to enter lotteries to win paid vacations to properties
  • Rights to use to make reservations to visit properties

What will be the use of CarbonlandDAO Membership NFTs proceeds?

The proceeds, net of taxes, will be used to fund DAO operations, including, but not limited to…

  • Operational leadership 
  • Member Interface improvements 
  • Tech stack & IT
  • Legal, compliance and accounting
  • Marketing, partnership development
  • Other initiatives as approved by DAO voting

What rights will CarbonlandDAO Membership NFT holders have?

  • Rights to reserve time to stay on properties every year
  • Rights to attend events held on properties every year
  • Rights to recommend new properties for DAO to buy
  • Rights to brag you are part of the Greenest Country Club ever

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